Omigosh, I Have a Puppet!

I’m sitting in front of a large class of 3, 4 and 5 year old children. In my left hand, the letter L. In my right – omigosh! –  a paper bag lion puppet.  As I’m sitting there, I’m not worried about teaching the letter L, nor having the kids make the sound the letter L makes.  What I’m most worried about: can I make a high-pitched lion voice and still retain my manhood?

This is one of my first days as a preschool teacher.  My letter L lesson ended up being a success and, 3 1/2 years into my career as a preschool educator, puppetry is one of my teaching specialities.

I’m male, I’m Mexican, I teach Early Childhood Education… and I’m left handed.  I’m not sure what the odds of all of those happening, but that’s  where I find myself.  And, for those reasons, I have had a unique perspective into the world of Early Childhood Education.  There are few men willing to teach young children.  In fact, I never thought I would be a preschool teacher.  Yet, I find myself today not only teaching preschool, but going around the country and world to advocate for our littlest learners.

So, sit back.  Have a cup of coffee.  There are many stories to share.


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