Let’s talk about Phlegm!

Phlegm – the thick mucus secreted in the respiratory passages and discharged through the mouth, especially that occurring in the lungs and throat passages, as during a cold.

Nooooo… that’s not correct  Let me try…

Phlegm – a silly putty bungy-cord like substance that, upon production and expulsion from the nose and mouth, is mostly used for entertainment.

I have seen two feet of phlegm dangling out of a child’s nose.  They will giggle with delight thinking “Look what I made!”  

I’m saying “Ugh!  Go get a tissue!”

Child screams with delight “Teacher, touch it!”


The child will laugh and then get a tissue.

When a child sneezes, I immediately whip my head around to see if the child needs a tissue.  Sometimes, I let out a sigh of relief.  Other times, I’m stunned-faced shocked.  How is that still attached to your nose?

Because, although a lot of children will laugh, I see a lot of children show the same horrified face I make.

“Teacher, I need a tissue!” The child will lead with there face and nose as they run around the classroom looking of the tissue box.  Phlegm will be swinging side to side.  Don’t let the boogers touch my clothes!  This is why I have three or four boxes strategically placed in the room.  They can get a tissue before the stuff hits the ground and I have to sanitize the carpet.

Maybe because I’m a guy, but it fascinates me the different responses children have during the aftermath of a sneeze.  They must be thinking “What the…did that come from inside my body?”  I’m thinking “How did that appear so fast?”  Because, despite the grossness of phlegm, it is interesting. Why?  Because everything in the preschool world is new and worth learning about…even phlegm.

Okay…now, does this writing go a long way to promoting the importance of preschool?


Does this writing promote the importance of hygiene?

Probably not.

Does today’s events in the classroom where Mariposa is running around with a snot cord dangling from here nose, followed by her attempt to make me touch it, proceeded by her infectious belly-rumbling laughter at my disgust to her request, and then writing this whole blog entry just to share the whole story with all of you make me smile?

No… wait, just kidding.  Yes.  Yes it does.


2 thoughts on “Phlegm

  1. I get so much satisfaction when a child sneezes and strings of boogies come flying out! I am always amazed that all that snot fitin their head! It must be a relief for them.


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