The TBD Retrospective

Writing these posts have been interesting because, since beginning my blog in January, I’ve not really had any rhyme or reason to the sequence of my writings.  Everything just comes together.

This is what a preschooler must feel like when they are playing.  Like when they’re playing with play-dough…

Child thinks, “I’m making a tower!”

Tower falls over.

“I’m making a bridge!”

Child get’s trains and begins making tracks in the play-dough

“I’m making train tracks!”

The child’s focus is short and sporadic.  It must be.  The world is new and a mystery.  The mind has to keep up with every momentary discovery.  The sequence of this blog follows along that same path of discovery.  My stories are written the day of or decades after the fact, and are often filled with discovery.  And these discoveries provoke reflection; and reflection is powerful.

The most interesting revelations I’ve had writing are when I apply my childhood memories to how my students must be experiencing their lives today. When a child is crying over a toy not being shared, I mentally transport back to my childhood and my troubles with social skills.  I look at the crying student in front of me and think, “I know what you are going through and I have an idea on how to help.”  Recalling childhood memories sounds a little crazy because, when a child is screaming in front of you about a toy, people might think “Omigosh, here’s your toy.  Please stop crying!”   This doesn’t happen all the time, but some of the crying is so reminiscent of my own tantrums, I want to say “Hey, that hissy-fit is copyright of Gilbert Cardenas!”

As I embark on my “unscheduled” vacation, there will be a lot of reflection on my fourth year of teaching. The stories are still to be determined, but they are going to be shared because they are resonating with my family, friends, professionals and complete strangers.  Stories of children are like that: they are profound in their simplicity, compelling in their adventure, and intriguing through their honesty.

June 1… let the retrospective be discovered and shared.


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