Writing is Hard

I sit in front of my laptop, waiting for a story to pop in my head…and nothing happens.  “This must be writer’s block,” I think.  20 minutes pass.  “Hmmm, this still must be writer’s block…. I’m bored.”  I close my laptop and switch on the tv.

Or, I’m writing, full speed ahead.  I’m feeling good, all inspired.  Words are flowing.  Then I hit a wall.  My mind just blanks.  “What happened?”  I look at my hands.  “Why did you stop?  We were doing so good.”

Sitting in my living room doesn’t inspire creativity.  Once I’m back at my school – with the scent of play dough and crayons in the air – the creative juices will flow.  I’m sure.  I see a puppet and, instantly, I relive memories.  Then I write.

I look at other blogs and see entries posted daily.  Dang.  I don’t aspire to do that, but much respect.  For me, writing takes time.  My first blog entries took at least two hours to finish – and I still had misspelled words and grammar mistakes.

But, I will say this.  When I finish writing, I feel good.  “I made that.  That came out of my head.”  This sense of wonder and satisfaction is also a conviction.  “Why don’t I write more, instead of watching tv?”  And it’s not just writing.  It’s the same feeling when I take photographs or create computer graphics.  It’s the practice of creating that is awe-inspiring; taking an idea in your head and making it visible and tangible.

I imagine a child’s mind is similar.  Tiny hands that are making ideas visible.

“Keep writing.  Just write.  Turn off ESPN and get a cup of coffee.  Forge ahead.  Fight through the wall.  For the kiddos.  Forge ahead.”


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