Teaching in the Real World: Colors

Teaching in the Real World - TemplateTeaching colors requires visuals.  You can’t teach Red by saying it.  You need to show Red.

I have a coffee table in my home and it’s black.  If I had children and I were teaching them colors, I would say “This table is black.”  Then, I would find another example. “My shirt is black.”  I would continue to find example after example to reinforce black.

You can turn this into a game.  I took a sheet of printer paper, folded it in half long-ways and short-ways (hot dog style and hamburger style). Now there are four spaces.  I got four different color markers, wrote the name’s of the colors, and then colored under those squares.

DSC03915 copyHave your child walk around the house and find objects that are the same color.  Look everywhere.

DSC03907Something red…Yes!

DSC03909If possible, take those items and put them on your child’s paper.  For example, the tops of these cooking spray cans.

DSC03913 copyAbove are the items I found just looking around the house.  I’ve done this with my classroom students.  The game is like a treasure hunt.  Furthermore, they are reinforcing color concepts by looking for the color, touching the color, and matching the color.  Oh yeh!  Learning happening here!



4 thoughts on “Teaching in the Real World: Colors

  1. Great post! I love finding different colored pictures and objects to bring in to class when we’re learning about colors. I also have different colored objects in my classroom and we’ll play “I Spy” or “Simon Says” and I’ll use those games to reinforce the students’ listening skills as well as color recognition.


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