Bag of Tricks: Sidewalk Chalk

Bag of Tricks - Sidewalk Chalk-04

Sidewalk chalk is my favorite teaching tool to use.  If you can draw it, you can play it, with imagination being your only limitation.  One of my favorite uses of sidewalk chalk is for the game “Walk the Line.”

Get sidewalk chalk and some open cement or black top space.  On the ground, write “Start” and a starting line.  From here continue drawing a continuous line for as long as your arm can endure.  The line can be straight, wavy, or zig-zagged.  They can criss-cross and overlap.  The line can include all of these elements.  The longer, the better.  When you’re finished, write “Finish” and a finish line.

DSC03993 Open sidewalk space at a public park.

DSC0399420 pieces of sidewalk chalk at the dollar store.  Good investment.

DSC03996Start line leading into a straight line.

DSC04010Wavy line

DSC04027Zig -zag line

DSC04014Finish line at the end.

Tell your child to stand at the Start line and “Walk the Line,” keeping both feet on the chalk.  Keep walking to the finish.  In fact, you should walk the line first as a demonstration.  If you’ve done an interesting line, your child will want to do it again.  If you praise the child as their walking, they’ll walk more.  If you place the finish line right next to the start line, you’ve created an infinite energy-sapping loop, insuring yourself a cranky child who’ll be ready for a nap.

During this game, your child is developing physically and mentally; balancing on the line and figuring out how to navigate the course.  Like I said, it’s all up to your imagination.  And, and if you can’t think of any interesting lines, ask your child to draw their own… and you walk it.  You can “Walk the Line” at any public space because it makes the game visually fun, plus the chalk will eventually wash away.




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