Teacher Gilbert’s in the Office?

“I knew it!” said the parent over the phone.

“How did you know?” my former assistant asked.

“I knew it.  I could just tell.” said the parent.

Some children are returning to my former classroom and some of the parents knew that I was no longer the teacher.  Call it intuition or a sixth sense because I didn’t tell anybody.  Are they reading the blog?

“Where did he go?” the parent asked.

“He’s in the office.  He’s the new center supervisor.”

From hearing my former assistant share about the phone call, I imagine there was a little sense of relief.  They talked a little longer and the call ended.

There are still phone calls and more parents to inform.  One phone call I’m dreading because, in May, I said that I would the teacher in the room… and I’m not going to fulfill that statement.  The family will be more than happy for me, I’m sure.  However, me personally, I still feel bad.

Once the phone calls are done, there are a couple more people I need to tell… and these people are of the “little” variety.  It’s not like I’m leaving the children completely.  There is six feet between my office door and the classroom.  I can pop in anytime I want.  If I need a break from looking at reports and documents, I can go in the classroom and play with the kids.  Honestly, I imagine the children’s reactions will be across the board: from indifference to sad faces.  As soon as the learning and projects start, they’ll be fine.

Ummm, one second…

(steps away from laptop)

“What do you want?  Fruit roll ups?  Really?  Alright.  I’ll go to the store. ”

(steps back to laptop)

Sorry.  Life-changing moment needs fruit roll ups.

Where was I… yeh, so the kid’s reactions should be across the board, but I’m sure they’ll enjoy when I occasionally pop in.

Being in the office will be different, but I do want to spend more time working with teachers and other professionals.  I’ve really enjoyed speaking with people who are passionate about education, and the conversations have impacted my pedagogies and perspectives.  I want more of those conversations and I want to help people grow.

In a couple of weeks the new school year begins.  Here we go!


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