Teacher in a Box

I’m sitting at my desk filling out a purchase request for classroom supplies.  First, I have to go to the website, find all of the items, and print out the web cart.  Then I have to fill out a cover page that includes the amount of the purchase, shipping information, and I sign off.  I then scan and email all of the document to my central office for approval.  Finally, I take the total amount, open my excel file, and deduct the amount from my center’s budget for classroom supplies.

I sit back in my chair.  I have three more supply requests to go in my “Classroom Supply” stack of papers on my desk.

I scan my desk.  There are other five more stacks of papers.  All of them bigger than the “Classroom Supply” one.

I lean back.  I enjoy the position, but there is so much paperwork.  I look up at the ceiling and take a long, deep breath.

Just then, there is a knock on my office door.  Not my main door, but the one that opens to the children’s playground.  I open the door.  Staring at me is one my former students.  He is holding a red ball.

“Do you want to play ball Teacher Gilbert?” he says.

I look at him and think for a moment.

“… … yes.  Yes I do,” I say.

I stand up, push in my chair, and spend the next 10 minutes playing with the kiddos.


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