Bag of Tricks: String

Bag of Tricks - String-04

You don’t need a fancy, sparkly, technological, pricey, multitasking toy to have a quality learning experience for a preschooler.  Most of the time, the best teaching material is how you use the items around you.  Teachers call this “being resourceful.”  Allow me to demonstrate.  Here’s some string.


String – or yarn – that I found in my house has loads of learning experiences built right inside.  It is up to you and your students to unlock them.  I’ll share with you a little bit from a past circle time:

Teacher: Boys and girls, please place the string on your lap.

Students: (place string on lap)

Teacher: Look at me with your eyes and watch me.  (Places string on ground).  This is my string and it is magical.  I can make this string into any shape I want.  Watch me first. (Makes circle).  This is a circle.  Can you copy my circle?


Students: (making circles)

Teacher: Very nice boys and girls.  I see lots of beautiful circles.  Okay, everyone wiggle their string out and put back on your lap.

Students: (wiggles string in different directions, then places on lap)

Teacher: First, watch me with your eyes. (Makes a square).  This is a square.  Can you copy my square?


Students: (making squares)

Teacher: You guys are so awesome.  These are wonderful squares.

Continue making some other shapes.  Once your children have the hang of it, you can start expanding the activity to other shapes like…

DSC05482A banana… or a really, really, really old phone!

DSC05486You can also use your hand – or bear claw – and push the yarn between your fingers…

DSC05487...and then pull back and reveal an outline of your hand.

Now, if you look back, my square is not perfect.  Well, your preschooler’s first attempts won’t be perfect either.  The point is not perfection.  It’s about having fun and getting as close as you can.  They’ll get better as their fine motor skills develop (then, they’ll start making their own creations).

String, who knew?


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