You Live on a Whale?!

Recent conversation I had with a visiting former student.  He saw the backdrop on my computer screen…


then he got excited…

Former Student: Teacher Gilbert, is that your house?

Me: Ummm, what do you think?

Former Student: You live on a whale?

Me: (mischievous eyes) … … sure.

Former Student: Did you walk from your house?

Me: Well, I can’t walk because there is all the water.  (Pointing to ocean) See?

Former Student: Then how did you get to school?

Me: … … I took a boat.

Former Student: Really???

Me: Okay, no.  I don’t live there.

Former Student: Awwww, that would have been so cool.  You gotta talk to the person who lives there and get the house.

Me: Ummm… … okay?

Former Student: (smiles and walks away)

Don’t worry.  I’ll straighten out the story the next time I see him.  In the meantime, I’m making phone calls to my real estate agent  🙂


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