The Power of Blue Line

Blue Line-01

Line up.  This transition was one of the boring parts of the day.  Some of the children had a hard time.

Child: “The line should weave through the library, then under the computer table.  I’ll stand in the library.”

… or you had children who have no physical awareness skills…

Child: “Line?  I’m gonna stand where ever I want!”

Visuals help.  Having Red Line in class helped children transition into the circle area.  Blue Line helped whenever we transitioned out of the classroom.  I placed blue tape on the floor and extended all the way to the door.  Children place their feet on the line as they lined-up.  Works out.

The tape I use is from a little place called Lakeshore.  Heard of them?

The fun part is extending the tape throughout the entire school.  Blue Line extended to all areas of the school: down the hallway, outside, and even connected to other classrooms.

It’s a superhighway for child traffic.

Placing down all the tape takes time.  Plus, with all of the foot traffic, the tape can get torn up.  I place a layer clear packaging tape on top of blue line, reinforcing the strength.

2010-07-02 13.56.42

By the middle of the year, the children have learned the basics of making a line and maintaining the line while traveling.


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