Work Hard and Smart


I saw this recently and it struck a cord with me… because I believe it’s true.

In education, there’s an inflation of degrees.  College graduates with a B.A or B.S. use to be able to get a decent job. Nowadays, to get the same quality job, students need an M.A., M.S., or even a PhD.  Even so, college graduates may not be able to find a job.  Sure, if you have a degree, you have higher paying job opportunities, but those jobs are no longer guaranteed.

A college degree is no longer the road to financial or life success as it once was.  Then again, when was a college degree the only route in life?  The road to college is only ONE route to financial or life success.  This is why I focus on developing students that are well-rounded; it’s just not about the academics.

A degree will open doors, but character will keep you there.  Character will follow the kiddos where ever they go, such as honesty, a good work-ethic, and willingness to help others.  Not all of my students will be business people, educators, lawyers, or doctors.  Nor do I want them to be.  Here’s a couple of scenarios:

Auto-mechanic + family-oriented + honest business = SUCCESS

Janitor + hard work ethic + loves what they do = SUCCESS

Walmart employee + greets everyone with a smile + always on time  = SUCCESS

I can go on…

You can be smart, but being educated doesn’t mean that you’re entitled to success.  Go out there and give it your hundred percent.  Then, go home spend time with friends and loved ones.

Moral of the Story: “Work hard and smart.” – Mike Rowe



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