Doyin Richards


Did you know that, once upon a time, men were the primary educators of small children?  However, as time has passed, men have transitioned out of spending time with their children.  Now, if a male plays games, does their child’s hair, or changes a diaper – with a smile and without shame – then the guy is not viewed as a “man.”

This is false and damaging.

Men play an important role in small children’s lives and the stigma around this perception needs to drop.  Men need to step up and tell the world that father’s and males should play dress-up, pickaboo, and other childly games.  Read a story with all kinds of funny voices.  Children enjoy this.

Doyin Richards is doing that.  I applaud his photo and what he’s is standing for.  Early childhood education could use more father’s like him.

You can read his story here.



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