Teaching in the Real World: Symbols

Teaching in the Real World - Symbols

San Francisco has many signs: stop signs, no-turn signs.. (ahem, street cleaning signs).  Signs – for children – are similar to letters; they stand for something.  These symbols have a meaning behind them.

One of the first letters a child learns is the first letter in their name.  However, they probably already know what a stop sign or a green light means.  And almost any child knows what this means…

McDonalsI’m loving it… kids are loving it too.

Children are observers and can learn things simply by walking down the street and associating meaning to them.  Not surprising.  Symbols that are associated with meaningful experiences are filed under long-term memory (like happy meals).

Symbols and signs are all over the place.  And, if a child doesn’t know a sign, then a learning opportunity is presented.

Ask the child to point which way cars can go.

When this appears, what does it mean the child can do?

San Francisco pedestrians have time limits.

There are all kinds of signs you’ll see while walking (at least in San Francisco).  But take a look around.  You’re children are and they’re learning.

… I want a McRib.


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