My Happy Place

Happy Place
My Happy Place

In Daly City, CA, at the western end of John Daly Blvd., is my “Happy Place”.  It’s a place for me to reflect, relax, and take a breather from life.

My Happy Place – which most people would know as Thornton Beach Vista – has a small parking lot and a short path that leads to a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  Weather here is dynamic.  Fog rolls in within minutes or clears up to reveal the sun setting.  Wind howls over the ledges and waves crash on the sand below.

I come here once a month.  No joke.  After a stressful day, on a good day, or just driving by, I park, sit on the bench, and watch the ocean.  In the Bay Area, nature is very accessible and it’s one of the most effective ways to literally leave everything behind: cars, screaming children, responsibilities, and everything agitating.

I close my eyes, feel the ocean breeze and hear the crashing waves and just let the day melt away.

Moral of the Story: Find yourself a Happy Place.

Educators need a Happy Place.  Caffeine and chocolate can only go so far (strangely).

Being in a nature, wherever you can find it, is wonderful therapy.  The Bay Area is filled with natural parks, coastlines and hiking trails.  It’s easy.

However, before coming here, my Happy Place was anywhere that had lots of books: public library, Barnes and Noble, and Borders (rip).  Being around all of that knowledge – plus a place that is meant to be quiet – and add a cup of coffee and I’m golden.

Bottom line, you need a place to get away from it all.  Not your office or a portion of your home or a friend’s place.  And, if you can, choose a place in nature.


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