EOY 2013-2014 Speech


My End of Year Speech for my Preschool’s Parents and Families

Thank you everyone for coming today to our end of year celebration.  Right now, your students and the teachers are preparing their performances for you, but I want to take a moment to recognize the parents and families in the room.

Please raise your hand if you had a new baby come into your family?  Raise your hand if you have a child entering their first year of preschool?  Raise your hand if you have a child entering Kindergarten?  Raise your hand if you have a child who will be here next year?

This year has been all about change.  We’ve had changes in this preschool, changes in our own families, and the changes that come about naturally throughout the school year.  I can speak personally to this, as I recently became a father.  I have great understanding of what everyone here does for their children, but I have a greater appreciation for how parents raise and take care of their children.

Next to me, I have certificates for the parents.  They have been signed by myself and the classroom teachers.  We want to recognize all the parents, by name, for the efforts, the commitment, and energy required to bring their children to school everyday.  These certificates are a small appreciation for what you do.

But, before that, please raise your hand if you’re a grandparent of one our students? Or an aunt and uncle? Or a brother, sister, or cousin?  Or even a family friend.  Although I don’t have a certificate for you, you too deserve recognition.  There is nothing like having the support of family when raising a young child.  You allow these parents to have a date night or a movie night.  You watch their children when they simply need to go grocery shopping or run an errand.  Or maybe, you give the parents time to take time for themselves.  Family and friends makeup the village that raises the child and I wholeheartedly thank you for what you do for these students.

And to the parents, I thank you for everything you did this school year.  You are an invaluable, indispensable commodity to our school.  We want to thank you, even if you we didn’t see you everyday, or not at all.  There are parents who I met for the first time today.  But that doesn’t mean you haven’t played an important part in your child’s life.  You work.  You provide income, working one, two, or even three jobs to support your family.  You put food on the table and clothes on your children’s back.  Our school does not want your efforts to go unnoticed, and please let the certificate you receive today be an acknowledgement of your contributions to your child’s life.

Now, let’s begin with the parents in room 1… 


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