Quiet Loud by Leslie Patricelli

Have you ever asked a child to quiet their voice?  Ha, who hasn’t.  Even if you don’t have children, I’m sure you’ve seen children in public wailing in the grocery market.

You can’t just tell children to lower their voice.  Additionally, their going to be loud anyways.  They’re children.  They’ll need some kind safe place to let out those screams.


That’s why I like this book Quiet Loud by Leslie Patricelli.  The book breaks down to the lowest common denominator what it means to be quiet and loud, as well as the places for each of those.


The books gives example after example after example of activities and situations that are applied to a child’s everyday life – or will even give you ideas of things you can do with children.  Although this is a teaching book for children, the skills taught won’t work unless the parents reinforce the skills.  The book gives you a great foundation to work with; you take it the rest of the way.

This book is part of my family’s personal collection.  Props to my wife for finding this little treasure.  You can check out the book here.

Disclaimer: Getting this book does not give you the green light to approach random parents and teach them how to quiet their screaming children.  Grande no no.


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