Awkward Moments

One time, I sat during lunch with the children. I sneezed.  I continued eating.  I looked over at my assistant.  She had a horrified expression on her face, then looked away.  Seconds passed and a child eating in front of me said “Teacher, you have a booger here,” pointing to the middle space between my nostrils.  Sure enough, there was a nugget of gold, just hanging out.

One time, I went on a home visit.  I had never been in an Asian family’s home, nor did I know about the custom of removing your shoes as you enter the home.  It’s the first time I would meet the family and child, and the first time they would meet me, their child’s preschool teacher.  On that day, I really wish I had worn better socks – or at least better smelling.

One time, a child had an accident in their cot.  I gathered the blankets and cot sheet and put them in a big black trash bag.  I went out to the hall way, placed the bag in the child’s cubby, and would let the parents know about it during pick-up.  I forgot to tell the parents.  The dirty bag sat there the entire weekend.  On Monday, the dad almost vomited as he walked with the bag back to his car.

One time, during clean-up, I wiped down a table that was full of scrap construction paper and glue.  I threw it all in the trash, then sprayed the table.  A student approached me and, looking at the table, said “Where my picture for mommy?”

Just a few of my awkward teacher moments 🙂


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