Theories of Attachment

Infant and Toddlers have become my life.  I/T knowledge is important in my personal life and became important in my professional.  I’ve been searching the Internet, collected some books, and asked my wife and other professionals about what I should do to learn more about these littlest of little people.  Out of all the resources I’ve acquired, this is the one I’m starting with.

Theories of Attachment: An Introduction to Bowlby, Ainsworth, Gerber, Brazelton, Kennell & Klaus by Carol Garhart Mooney

Every early childhood educator knows that the emotional attitude of a parent toward a child has life-shaping effects. But did you know that at one point, it was once considered a brand new idea?  Well, we can thank Bowlby for that brain buster.

Although these theories focus on infants and toddlers, I’m making a lot of connections to preschool aged children.  It’s kind of like how preschool teachers see a 3-5 year old and then makes connections to how the child will be in K-12.  Yeh, this book is helping me make those kind of connections.  I’m still reading through this, but this a book I can easily recommend.  If you want the foundational theories of human attachment, you need to know these names.  Check out the book here on Amazon.


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