Taking a breather at the local watering hole.  Or, just taking a breather.  Let my mind take a break.

A lot to take in for the 2014-2015 school year.  Still center manager, but at a different school.  I leave behind 5 years of memories, the only school and community I have ever worked for, and where I first became a preschool educator.  Things change, whether you want them or not, whether you expect them or not.

You’d think that such a change would have more of an affect on me.  I mean, I’m leaving the only school I’ve ever known.  However, the adjustment took only a day and I was fine.  I took the change in stride.  I’m finding that resilience is not just part of my character but, perhaps, is one of the unique things about me.  I never get to excited or discouraged, remain positive during difficult times, and stay calm when tempers are flaring.

You ever looked up the word resilience?  Here:

re·sil·iencethe capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

I’m realizing that I have a lot of this, but it’s not something that I was born with.  I use to get lost in mind games over changes in my life, or recycle conversations and events to where I couldn’t sleep at night.  Losing yourself in your head can send you spiraling in all kinds of directions.

However, sitting in this Starbucks, I realize I’ve made resilience – and building resilience – a habit.  I read, listen to soothing music, and seek out coffee shops all the time.  I go to my Happy Place and reflect.

Why? Because I’ve acquired and built an extremely hectic schedule.  Just read previous posts.  I’m sure I’ve vented about them.  Even then, I recover quickly after posting my thoughts and feelings.  Hell, writing the post and venting builds my resilience.

Moral of the Story: … ….

… nah, not this time.  If you’re reading this, take from this what you need. I’m on my break 🙂  TGIF


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