Getting Back to Crazy

If it’s been awhile between posts, it means that my free time is coming to an end.  I start falling back into the my crazy, yet highly structured, routine: Center Manager of a preschool by day, graduate student by night, and a father and husband for my family.

Yeh, that last one is “by day” and “by night”… weekdays and weekends… 24/7 and rest of my life.

Posts may be fewer and farther between, but my presence on the world wide web will be taking on an additional role.

My graduate student life is coming to an end.  My culminating project – the summary of learning and studying for over two years – is coming up.  With my interest in technology, as well as skills with multimedia and writing, I thought best to share my learning and understanding of early childhood in a way that is important – and perhaps widely misunderstood…

To share how early childhood educators and professionals can use technology tools in developmentally appropriate ways; ways that will enrich, enhance and extend learning and play.

You get that last part?  Yeh, I said play.  No, not play as in flinging birds at pigs or picking clothes for your avatar.  I mean play as in outside and with other children.  Using technology alongside pencils, paintbrushes, paper and crayons – not replacing them.

tech4ece handYou think this could trend on Twitter?  Hope so.  That’s a tattoo…kidding, kidding.

It’s crazy to think my graduate student time is coming to an end, but I’ve set myself up for something bigger and grander than any of my papers, presentations, and homework assignments.  I gave myself something that will keep me learning, current, and researching.

And perhaps lead to something else down the line. Who knows.

It’s a large undertaking to make a website, design graphics, write, and present learning material to adults. Luckily, I have knowledge in all these disciplines. However, the idea that every skill and piece of knowledge I’ve ever learned – professionally, personally, life experiences, personal hobbies, all of that – will be maxed out throughout this entire project is extremely daunting. It’s like climbing Everest.

But, that’s what an education is suppose to do.  An education is meant to stir a desire to learn and acquire knowledge.  I’d add that we should use that knowledge for the greater good.  So, that’s what I’m going to try and do.  Right now, that greater good are the little people I work with everyday and the people that live and work with those little people.

Deep breathe… crazy schedule… here we go.

P.S. If you’re a parent and wanna help out with this project – and you have or have had experience with a 3-5 year old – you could take this survey.  Information from here will guide me in this project.  Here’s the link:


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