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Digital Tools- Digital Camera-01

Technology tools are my friends.  My “under construction” tech website and graduate school thesis will show some ways.  More on that later.

However, there appears to be a gigantic rift between preschool professionals.  Either you think technology tools support preschool children or they don’t.  I have the proof to back it up, as I’ve had teachers and preschool professionals in the bay area take survey’s.  You’re on one side or the other:

Some say they support dual language learners.

Others say they stifle children’s play and creativity.

Some say they support creativity.

Others say they are why children have short attention spans.

Some say they support

Others say they keep children from moving, which is why kids are obese.

I support technology tools – and not because I’m a tech geek.  It’s because I’m a teacher.  My pedagogy is based on sound teaching practices and curriculum.  AND, teachers should always be looking out for the best tools to promote learning – and a love of learning – in children.  Technology tools offer great solutions.  There are some barriers to why people don’t use or refuse to use them.  However, used in developmentally appropriate ways within a teacher’s curriculum, technology tools support learning, play, creativity, and all the learning domains.

The camera doesn’t have to be fancy, shiny, or even new.  As long as you have a working camera, batteries, a memory card, and the cables, then you’re good to go.

For children…

  • Document field trips
  • Capture images that document their emotions: flowers that make them happy, adults that make them feel safe, etc.
  • Eye spy using a camera
  • Have children make their own books using photos they’ve taken

For teachers…

  • Excellent observation and documentation tool (especially for physical development)
  • Take pictures of famous buildings and structures in your town, then posting them in the block area so children can build them
  • Take a picture of the child with their family, then post to family portrait wall
  • Snap photo for each part of the day, then use them for each part of the daily schedule
  • Document how to do the hand-washing routine

These are just a few to get you started.  Now, I know there are still a lot of questions people have which prevents them from giving children a digital camera:

What if they drop the camera?

They are expensive?

What if the camera gets stolen?

Can’t I just use my smartphone instead?

Do children know how to use a camera in appropriate ways?

All those questions in good time and in future posts.  This is to get you started.  A digital camera is a great tool and I’m excited to share how I use it.  And I’m sure there are others who are reading this and have ideas of their own.


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