Digital Tools: Tablets

Digital Tools- Tablets-01

Tablets are a great teaching tool.  I like to think of it as a magical portal; a portal that brings images and sounds from the outside world into my classroom.  But how would you use a tablet in the classroom?

Small Group Pictures


Ever wonder what an umbrella bird looks like?  Sure, you can print it out.  But let’s save money and a tree.  Download the picture to your tablet and show it to the kiddos during small group.  Heck, keep tons of pictures on your tablet of animals, cloud shapes, colors, letters, or pictures of your hometown.  You don’t have to print them out all the time.  Save the tangible pictures for when the children want them.  Save the rest on a tablet.

Small Group Videos


A child during circle time asked me, “What does a lion sound like?”  Sure, I made a lion sound, the best I could muster.  But it’s not real.  I looked online and found some kind of african safari video and a lion roared.  At small group, I got the video setup, pressed play, and tiny jaws dropped.  “Woah,” said the children.  “Lions are loud!”

Digital Books


E-books are getting cheaper and cheaper.  So, did you know that you can keep an entire classroom library on a tablet?  You can.  Of course, keep a regular library.  Tangible books a great.  Think of a tablet e-book as an option, not a replacement.

During reading time, you can bring out the tablet and have the children read along side of you.  My big push for this is that children need to know that electronics can be used for reading, not just games, apps and social media.


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