The New Juke Box

The New Juke Box

30 years ago, I wonder if you told a teacher, “Hey, you can carry thousands of your classroom songs in your pocket in the near future,” whether they’d believe you or not.

Unless you were wearing very big pants…. Lol.  Get it?  Because it’s the only way you could… never mind.  Moving on.

If you squint, smartphones are juke boxes.  You just have to load them with the right songs and material.  And with all of the docking stations and variety of ways you can connect speakers to smart phones, you won’t have to have everyone huddle around the phone to hear.  Here are some places where you can stream and download content.

Have Fun Teaching

Have Fun Teaching has a YouTube channel that has songs for each letter in the alphabet.  And the beats are impressive, similar to today’s rhythms, but without those horrible lyrics.  If you explore the channel further, there are other songs on numbers and shapes.  I played these songs for the kiddos.  Very soon, I made choosing the “letter song” a classroom job.  And, if you really like the songs, you can purchase them (and a great way to support fellow educators).  Here are links to their alphabet songs and counting song.

Singing Songs in Spanish

Dual language learners are changing the face and structure of early childhood education.  Whether it’s Spanish or another language, teachers are training themselves to support children who don’t speak English.  Jaime and Kelly can help out here.  They sing popular children song’s in Spanish.  You can check out their YouTube list of songs here.  There some in Spanish, but also more in English if you want a larger repertoire.

iTunes and Google Play


This is the only “non-free” option.  I know that we are pinched for moola.  But once you purchase and download the songs, you have them on your phone – without the need for smart phone reception or wifi.  Keep in mind that our phone space will be taken up.  But if you don’t have a lot of programs and pictures on your phone, then you’ll have no worries about the phone space.

If you have some music recommendations, please comment and share.  Adios!


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