The Search for Happy Place


I’m learning that if there is a lot of snow outside, you’re not going anywhere.  You don’t even have a choice.  You’re going to stay home.  Days like these make me miss California.  And I especially miss my Happy Place.

Sipping hot chocolate feels real good on snowy days.  Two packs of hot chocolate, marshmallows, and Vietnamese cinnamon.  Yum!  I take my mug to the living room, have a seat on the couch, and try to meditate.

Still, it’s not the same.  There’s distractions. TV. Roku. Netflix. ESPN.  My attention is divided.  A living room is not the same as my Happy Place.  I mean, if you wanted a place to sit down and slip into deep thought, wouldn’t you rather be drinking your hot chocolate here?

Happy Place

This is my Happy Place back in California.  It was a great place to meditate or rest or nap or simply sit and stew for awhile before heading home.  Nature is a natural remedy for life’s stressors.  I would park my car here all the time.  Can’t do that here.  Too cold.  I’d have to keep the car running and the heater on.

I’ve tried searching for a nature spot here in Pittsburgh, but nothing yet.  Everything I see is snowed over, iced over, or frozen over.  Everyone says wait til Spring and the scenery is much better.  That’s great, but is there a place where I could go now?  A place to just sit and be by myself?  I place where I won’t freeze?

There are other places I go: libraries, Barnes and Noble, and Best Buy.  These are places where I can walk around – usually just browsing – but mostly letting my mind dream.  However, these places are loud, noisy, and not to mention the occasional employee asking what you’re looking.

Busy-ness is not a part of nature.  It’s quiet.  Usually isolated.  No one’s around.  Life feels far away.  You can let your mind spiral into endless thought.  I love getting lost in my mind.  I can reflect, ponder, create, and all kinds of other things.

Moral of the Story: Find yourself a Happy Place (which is the same as the Happy Place post).

You need a place to get away from it all (I think I’ve said this before?).  I appreciated that I had a place like that in California.  Well, I appreciate my Happy Place even more now that it’s gone.

The search will continue… a nature spot in Pittsburgh.


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