From Head to Toe by Eric Carle


If any book lends itself to movement activities, it’s this book: From Head to Toe.  When I was in the classroom, I read this book a couple of times.  Rarely, however, was I able to turn the page without a child lifting their leg or looking upside down.  Very soon, every page was a moving activity.


And that is the point of this book: to get up and move around.  Shake your arms and move your legs.  The more the children dramatize the animal, the louder the sounds and the crazier the laughter. Alongside the timeless quality of Eric Carle’s artwork, this is a book I recommend.  When my son get’s older, I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun with this book.  Until then, my son will continue to look at his daddy with concern; because his daddy is reading words and sounds like a zoo.

You can check out the book here. Oh, and it comes in Spanish too.

P.S. There is a song that you can sing with this book.  Here’s the YouTube link.  Enjoy!


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