Clouds Move Slow

Clouds move… very, very slowly.  If they’re moving fast, you shouldn’t be outside.

Teaching children about weather?  Clouds are going to come up.  If you’re room has windows, you can look outside.  But students looking at moving clouds will not last longer than 60 seconds.  This is where your smartphone can come in handy.

Using my Android phone, I downloaded an app called Framelapse, which turned my phone camera into a timelapse camcorder.  While in a cafe, I turned the app on, leaned my phone against a coffee mug, and pointed the camera towards the windows.


I turned the recorder on, then I waited.  I read a book.  Journaled.  Drank some coffee.  Timelapse takes time, like baking.  And, just like baking, if you do it right, the end result will be very good.

Students may not sit and watch clouds for 25 minutes, but they could watch this video (25 minutes to record 10 seconds).  Framelapse allows you to mess with the settings to choose how long you want your video, the duration between each picture, and video quality.  If you can setup a space in your room where you can prop your smartphone – out of the kiddos reach – then you can show these kinds of videos during small group.  Imagine the conversations children will have when they see this kind of video.


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