New Page: Children’s Book List


Recently, I was teaching about social and emotional development to early childhood educators.  This led into a discussion into CSEFEL, a great website for teacher resources and material to teach social and emotional skills to young children.  I used these tools in the classroom and I cannot express how much they helped me with my student’s.  Best of all, you can find the resources on their website: here.

If you search through the site, you’ll find a PDF of recommended children’s books that focus on particular social and emotional areas, such as “Being a Friend”, “”Angry and Mad Feelings”, “Happy Feelings”, “Bullying/Teasing”, and other topics.  These books are great and, although I have not read them all, I hold the CSEFEL organization in high regard, so it’s easy to recommend their list.

I went through the trouble and converted their MASSIVE book list into a page on this blog.  I value CSEFEL that much.  I want to share their work through this blog and I really hope you check out their site.  For the Children’s book list, you can look on the side tabs or click here.  It’s a large list, but these books can seriously help any classroom and students.

Hope this list helps you like it did me.



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