Daddy Reads Everywhere


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Every Wednesday night, I teach an evening course, which means that I won’t be reading a book to my son at night.  That made me think about other nights I may be away, whether for work or travel.  Besides video chatting or something, how else could I read to my son at night?

Then I got an idea.  I got one of my son’s favorite books (I asked before taking.  My son just grinned and looked away.  He’s one.)  I went out to do work and tried to find a place where I could record audio.

The best place I found was actually my car.  No one around to hear my talk and complete silence from the outside.  I setup my phone on the steering wheel, then started reading the book.

wpid-wp-1429632666284.jpgThere was no special setup or equipment other than my smartphone.  It was quite easy; more so because I had read the book nearly a hundred times.  No need to practice.  Bear Sees Colors is traveling into long-term memory.

That was it.  After a couple of minutes, I had the story recorded.  I could send the file to my wife over email, some kind of cloud drive, dropbox, or some other form.  If I had an old smartphone laying around, I’d just record to that, then keep a library of books for my son to hear anytime.

wpid-wp-1429633276756.jpgMoral of the Story: Parents can read to their children in your classroom everyday.

Smartphones are wonderful tools and can be utilized in creative ways.  For example, ask a parent to read one of their child’s favorite books.  If you have a smartphone or recording device, show the parent how to use it, such as starting and stopping a recording.  Ask the parent to go to a quiet area, read the story, then comeback with the completed recording.

Presto! You can play the recording during group readings or small groups while in your library area.  It’s a very neat way to have parent involvement in your classroom.  Just think about the adults and family members who could participate in this kind of activity?  Think about the different languages you could incorporate into the classroom?  There are ideas abound!

Oh, and this is a finished (edited and stylized) reading I did in my car.

P.S. If you’re interested in purchasing the book for yourself, click here.


One thought on “Daddy Reads Everywhere

  1. Awesome idea, Gilbert. I did this once, when I went on a trip for work. I recorded a story each night for the girls, (I have three), and made a treasure hunt for them. I hope more dads see this and see how easy it can be.


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