I’ve never known May to be a calm month.  It’s one of the busiest on an educator’s calendar; closing the year on a non-stop locomotive to the end of school.  There’s an onslaught of paperwork, conferences, and end of year events.  Everything must be finished; no do-overs, no second chances.  The kiddos are moving on and these are your last days to get everything right.

For this May, for a change, is one of my calmest.  I finished my first semester as a college instructor (a part-time, single class, college instructor).  I administered the exams, graded the exams, and submitted final grades.  Quick and easy; paling in comparison to other May days I’ve had.

Like the one day, as an after school employee, I spent planning then facilitating an end of year program event, with the only thing I consumed was a big-gulp Dr. Pepper.

Or the one day, before my first preschool graduation as a center manager, I ad-libbed an entire speech to the school, although I spent hours the night before rehearsing a different one.

How about the one day I was awake nearly 2 days to complete an end of year memory video for the entire program (and subsequently crashing for 12 hours when all was said and done.  Adios Saturday).

Or how about May 2014 when I was cramming to finish 3 graduate classes while two-months into fatherhood.  Loco.


So the idea that May 2015 is filled with free time, little stress and more sleep is welcomed… sort of.  What appears to be a trend for me the past 3 years is not only the change of job titles, but the constant search for jobs.  I’ll have to wait a couple months to teach again, but can’t feed a family off a PT job, let alone a part-time PT job.  Still trying to land that FT; still trying to establish roots in Pittsburgh.  We’ll see where the next adventure starts.


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