Natural Art Like Andy Goldsworthy


Andy Goldsworthy is a name you should know. Seriously. You’ll want to know him more after reading this. Andy Goldsworthy land art is not only beautiful contemporary art, but it’s tailor made for early childhood education.

While reading the article Preschoolers as Eco-Artist by Triada Samaras and Janis Strasser, I read about how children used rocks, sticks, and other nature objects to make artwork. Perhaps this not a new idea for a preschool teacher. I mean, I see children play with dirt and they call it “art.” We tell the children “yes,” so as not to break their fledgling emotional development.

But along comes Goldsworthy, who is mentioned in the article, but who I was first introduced to in my graduate program. His work is not only mesmerizing and a visual feast, but you’ll be inspired to teach your children about natural artwork. Andy Goldsworthy art utilizes using sticks, rocks, branches, leaves, water and ice looks to make unbelievable and captivating.

Here is some eye candy for you


71NK2CtNhkLYou probably never knew that ice, rocks, leaves and wood had so much artistic potential. Absolutely stunning composition and art. Preschool teachers have destinations for children’s learning domains, but now there are pinnacle examples of natural artwork.

In creating this artwork, children can learn new words, describe textures, and even bring in other materials to create original artwork. Of course, all of Goldsworthy’s work took large amounts of time, patience, and work. Still, our kiddos can attempt some level of this creative expression in our classroom?

And, yes, although Goldsworthy admits that most of his artwork is temporary, there is a teaching and technology opportunity for children. Snapping a picture not only ensures that the child’s art piece will last forever, but imagine the children’s joy when they share their work with their family.

I’m sure there are some adults out there that want to try this out on their own! If I’m at the beach, I’m going to forget about the sand castle and try out one of these art pieces.

If you’re interested in learning (and seeing) more of work, checkout out some Andy Goldsworthy books.








One thought on “Natural Art Like Andy Goldsworthy

  1. I so agree with this! Most kids love to create things using rocks and sticks. Some have even used the weeds we pulled from the yard to create with. The photos are beautiful!


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