Let the School Year Begin

One of the biggest ways I know that the new school year has started is by measuring how long my drive is to work. During the summer, I arrived within 30 minutes with 15 minutes to spare. Counter that with this past Wednesday, where my commute took over 50 minutes and I was 8 minutes late.

Besides the change in traffic patterns, I have a change in my own schedule: early childhood professional by day, early childhood professor by night. In the education world, I’m like Batman. Well, not really. I feel like Batman. Well, that’s not true. But I do wish I had the Batmobile. Would really help with my commute! Vrrrmmmm! Smash! Crush! Grrrrr!

My commute would be much easier in this.
My commute would be much easier in this.

As I figure out and adjust to the schedule the next four months, I also review and revise my time for the blog. I had an unofficial break this past month, but I did notice everyone visiting and reading. Visitors and readers were higher than usual for me being absent for so long. In fact, it was higher than normal, which made me feel warm and fuzzy because people are still reading despite my August siesta.

If you’re reading, please subscribe. I like to imagine a big cafeteria with a bunch of people listening to me talk on my blog posts, and new subscribers are walking in through the doors. Weird, yes. But the idea makes me smile and urges me to write more. And, when you’re parked on the freeway, you have a lot of time to think, imagine, and brainstorm blog posts.

Alright, 2015-2016 here we go!

P.S. My imaginary audience is sitting in a big cafeteria with roll out benches and tables and not a big classic auditorium. We educators dream differently.  


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