Bag of Tricks: Shaving Cream


Add variety to the day. Change it up. Throw in some shaving cream.

Shaving cream. It is a great art medium. Shaving cream has the right consistency for smearing and drawing (and I’m not talking about that stuff that starts as a gel and turns into a white puff). And the stuff is fairly cheap and you get a lot out of one can. Highly recommend Barbosal for classroom activities.


Spray some shaving cream in a bag. You won’t need that much. Seal the bag (double-checking that it is sealed). Try to draw something, then decide if you need to squeeze out some shaving cream and/or air. Once done with that, press flat on a table.

The baggies will want to move around when children start “drawing” on them. Use tape to secure the baggy to the table. This is especially useful for children who are still learning to use two hands for two different tasks.


I would explain to the kiddos about what it means to press gently, with a finger and hand, warning about too much pressure causing the bag to burst. Demonstrate during large group or shortly before having children sit at the table. Have the children show you how they press gently by showing their hand and fingers pressing on the baggy.


After that, it’s up to you where you want to go. Demonstrate letters or numbers. Draw shapes. Make faces. Whatever the children make, I’d have a camera nearby for documentation purposes. Print and post pictures to the wall.


When all the children have done the activity, you can toss the bags (or do something eco-friendly if you can think of something). Easy-peasy.


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