Necessary Pumpkin


Sometimes I wonder how Starbucks makes their pumpkin spice latte. If you’ve seen the videos, you might be concerned. However, ignorance is bliss and I’ll still intake my fair share of pumpkin flavored coffees, scones, and other unnecessarily flavor injected foods.

I mean, c’mon…


enhanced-30027-1410290043-15 enhanced-2655-1410213672-8Although I know the chips are Photoshop, I’m sure Doritos has considered the possibility.

Throughout the fall cornucopia of spicy orange bombardments, there are some traditional things that everyone can enjoy – especially young children. When teaching in the classroom, I did institute a pumpkin – sans spice – activity: pumpkin painting.

Around areas I’ve lived, there have been a pumpkin patch. Not the one you see in a grocery store. That’s called a pumpkin display. I’m talking about being outside, scarecrows, hay bails, cashier’s with cash boxes, cash only, and inflatable jump houses and slides.

On a field trip, the kiddos get to choose a pumpkin, which they’ll take back and paint. Although there are a lot of big pumpkins, I guide the children’s pumpkin choice to the tiny ones. The runt bunch that cost a dollar. Teacher Gilbert has a Starbucks budget.


When we get back to class, I prepare the classroom. I tape butcher paper to the table, place tiny cups of paint on top, then place one small pumpkin in front of each chair. Children are instructed to put on smocks, then sit at their chair. The children know that this is a big event. Only during special events do all children do the same individual activity at the same time.

Prep time, prep time, prep time!

Here are some of pumpkin painted creations that I find really neat…

In lieu of all the scientifically pushed pumpkin creations we see today, pumpkin painting is unaltered fun. There is nothing new or improved about it; a fall tradition preschool teachers can look forward to.


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