What am I thankful for, you may ask?
For some, this may be a hard task.

There’s your health, your work, perhaps your house,
your family, your friends, or a spouse.

Maybe Starbucks, your car or even Coke.
A book, a shop, or really good joke.

Whatever it is, give thanks for all,
Every morning, noon, and nightfall.

I’m blessed to have all of those around me,
my wife, my son, and whole family.

And I give thanks to a special crew,
Those who give hugs, care, and mend boo-boos.

There are those that work with young children,
Teaching letters, numbers and how to listen

I know you’re thankful for lives you touch,
Those little rascals you love so much.

You give thanks for all that you receive,
They are products of good work you weave.

I thank you, early childhood,
So I can impact lives and do good.


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