Waking from the Summer Siesta

Work-wise, I’ve taken an unofficial siesta. Normally, I wouldn’t take this long to update this blog. And even though there is the natural teeth-grinding of guilt over not writing for long periods of time, I didn’t have that feeling this time. I really needed a break and family time.

Summer is already past the midway point. August is quickly approaching. That was fast. Too fast. My drinks are still cold. The summer Olympics haven’t even started (if there are going to be any). It’s like falling asleep to only wake up 5 hours later, yet only feel like only 5 minutes have passed.

But that internal motor is starting. Most educators have it. August is around the corner. I’m getting into teacher mode. Professor of the Little People steps out in September. Get those lesson plans and textbooks out of the closet. Open those PowerPoint presentations and make sure they’re not corrupt. Change the syllabus dates from “Spring 2016” to “Fall 2016”. The routine has begun.

This rise from slumber into fully-charged early childhood professional includes dusting the cobwebs off this blog. August 1 is embargo day for new posts. A few new stories, a big announcement, and new topics.

Til then, I my personal pre-service continues.


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