Monday Posts

I use to make lesson plans every week for my preschool classroom. I now make plans every week during the college school semester. These are things that have to be done because other’s are holding me accountable for this learning.

Unfortunately, when it comes to my own endeavors, I’m a lot more lax. This is sad because it’s these times where I undertake creative projects and even produce my best work – work that impacts what I do on a day to day basis.

It’s the kind of stuff that makes me me as an educator. It brings that uniqueness to my instruction and experience.

In an effort to have more consistency – and to get my creative butt into gear – there will be a new post every Monday. Hopefully in the morning or afternoon, but every Monday. This will continue until early December when I’ll take time off for the holidays.

That’s the plan – a lesson plan for a blog. I won’t just stay to Monday posts. If there are more things to share, I’ll post on other days. But Mondays for sure.

Has Monday sunk in yet? Yeh? Monday. Monday. Muuuuunnnndaaaaaaay.


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