Billions in Change


Imagine if you worked hard enough – and caught a big break enough – to be able to sustain change you want to make in the world. What would you do with children, early childhood education, and the world as a whole?

Would you build preschools based on play?

Would you fund a transportation service to support families?

Would you support research to find cures for childhood diseases?

Sounds exciting… sounds daunting… and, maybe, sounds out of reach. Truth be told, nearly all of us will not be able to even imagine taking on such change. We live check to check, month to month. Yet, we do what we can for our kiddos.

I watched Billions in Change on YouTube, which is about the maker of 5-hour energy have literally billions of dollars in money that he has no intention on spending on himself. So, he is spending it on making change in the world.

Watch it for yourself. It’s around 45 minutes.

To be an inspired educator, you must be an excellent learner first. Educators have the ability to take wonderful ideas from many places and transform them into meaningful learning experiences for children.

In that spirit, I offer this as raw material for your creative noggin! And, keep in mind. Despite having billions, it’s those with determined spirit, will, and resilience that succeed in making change for children.

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