Burning Bridges… Literally

I use to have mornings where I’d spend 30-40 minutes in my car. I arrived so early – to avoid suffocating bad morning traffic – that I’d have time to just think and ponder… or take a nap. However, since moving, a shorter commute has meant less time in my care.

Then this happened…

I’m going around.

This bridge being out has wreaked havoc on morning commutes. Furthermore, the bridge re-opening date is now unknown.

Not to worry much for me. Educators are routine creating pros. Their whole day is a routine. We make our life a routine as much as we can. I’ve written about routines I created just for fun.

Still, you can imagine my “ugh” feeling when I have to change a routine. My morning routine was set. I have four places where I can stop and get gas. I know where I can get a coffee or a caffeinated beverage. There’s really no place where I can get a hot breakfast, but I can deal.

Now I have to make a new one. I’m sitting in my car…waiting… and I’m tired. Hope that bridge is fixed soon.


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