Hit and Runs… The Good Kind


From NCIS Season 10 : Episode 13 “Hit and Run”

Abby: “I’m trying to figure out a way… to be okay…with not being enough…”

Gibbs: “Enough what?”

Abby: “…enough good.”

Gibbs: “… … well, then you’re not counting the hit and runs.”

Abby: “The what?”

Gibbs: “The good kind. You do something good now, you’re not always around to see the difference it makes later.”

The new school year is still that…new. The honeymoon period may be over now. The kiddos are comfortable, learning, and getting into the daily rhythm of the classroom.

During the first few months of school, I taught my kiddos our three classroom rules.

  • We are Good: internally, we learn how to be a good person
  • We are Nice: externally, we learn how that inner good translates to being nice to others
  • We Learn All We Can: we learn something everyday, through play, experiences and interacting with each other.

I felt that these rules were important life lessons. If they took anything from their time in my classroom, it would be these three rules.

Today, years after I’ve left the classroom, I wonder what the kiddos are like now. Do they remember what I taught them? Are they good, nice, and learning all they can?

Unfortunately, more than any other level of education, preschool teachers know the least of how their teaching and instruction impact their students. We are lucky if, in that child’s lifetime, they remember our name or even what we look like. It’s disheartening.

But, I know… we know… as a profession, the lasting impact of our lessons. Kiddos become students, then adults and, hopefully, good people.

And this is where preschool shines. Unlike any other grade level, early childhood has the greatest opportunity to become foundational to a child’s knowledge and personality. They know things because, well, they’ve always known them. They just knew without ever remember learning it. Numbers. Colors. Letters. Taking turns. They just know.

In that way, your impact has a chance at memory. What we teach is intertwined and cemented into who that child is. So, if you look at your impact that way, then your brief moment with these children mean something… something good. And that something good now, even though you may not be around to see it later, makes a difference.

P.S. NCIS is one of my favorite shows.


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