Paper, Stickers and Towers


This activity is best used for counting practice. It’s really simple. It’s really effective.

Get a piece of paper. Colorful construction paper. Place four to five stickers on the page. You can also stamp or put little marks. Something that stands out or sparkly works well. Also, laminate if you want the paper to be more durable.

Next, find something that will randomize numbers. For example, a number cube or a stack of cards with numbers on them.

Finally, find objects that can stack on top of one another so it’ll make a tower. Small cubes, blocks, or manipulative is your best bet here.

Here’s how you play. The child picks a card or rolls the number dice. Let’s say they get a “three”. The child will choose a sticker and make a tower that is three high. Choose another number then build a tower on another sticker. The game is finished when all of the stickers are covered by the towers. Take down all of the towers and play again. There are no winners or losers to this game, but a matter of just counting and building towers.

If there are two children, you can take turns. You can also have sheets with more stickers. You can also change out what the children are stacking to make the game fresh and interesting.

This is a simple game, but the focus here is counting. Also, there is no winner or loser. You don’t count who has more towers or who has the highest. The child or children work to complete the paper, then that is it. Once again, really simple, but this has a bigger entertainment and interest value than expected. Try it out!


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