Top 5 at Dollar Tree


There are some things that you should spend money on because it’s quality and durable and better. And then there are some things you should only spend $1 on. So, here’s my list of Top 5 items at Dollar Tree.

School Supplies

During August, it’s incredibly easy to fill up your cart with 20 packs of crayons, composition books, and bundles of filler paper. Then you have the toy sections where you’re thinking “That would look good in the dramatic play area”. The whole store is just one big impulse buy. By the time you get to the cash register, I have a fully-packed shopping cart… and it’s only gonna cost $30 something dollars. Win!


I don’t like spending more than $1 for a 20 oz. bottle of Diet Coke, Mountain Dew, or Dr. Pepper. All of these can be found for $1. The only times I don’t buy caffeine here is when I want something stronger. If Dollar Tree got Monster, Red Bull, and NOS, watch out! I’ll be like a child who just ate a pack of Oreos.


Speaking of sugar, kids like candy and, on special days, I’d let the kids have it. The best bang for buck in candy would be Dollar Tree. The only other good times for candy would be Halloween and Valentine’s day. However, I tend not to pass out candy during those times because I knew kids were already getting enough of it.

Gift Bags

There are a lot of special occasions during the school year, so gift bags are essential. You have birthdays for the kiddos, but there are also staff birthdays, gift exchanges, and a bunch of others events. The only cheaper gift bags is to re-gift the bags you receive… which I do all… the… time.

Party Material

Pretty much every holiday you can find decorations at Dollar Tree. And there is enough variety to cover your classroom in a variety of ways. There is only one other place where I would get party material – Party Works. However, given all of the other stuff I would get at Dollar Tree, I’d rather just get all my shopping done in one go.

Any suggestions for this Dollar Tree list? Leave them in the comments!


One thought on “Top 5 at Dollar Tree

  1. I get my laundry supplies there, too! I love shopping for seasonal things to make crafts with the kids I watch. I even found some great write on/wipe off alphabet boards that I use a lot. Also, found good music CDs and card games!


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