A Real Digital Camera for Kids

As a photography hobbyist, I love taking pictures of anything and everything. Seriously. I’ve made many, many contributions to Google Maps.

My hobby found it’s way to the preschool classroom, but I wasn’t happy. “Kiddie” cameras are horrible. Yeh, kid cameras look fun, but the pictures are so bad.

Furthermore, it’s not easy to give a child a camera (or any electrical device). The idea of a child dropping a camera brings a sinking feeling to my stomach. Noooooo!!!! And cameras are expensive. Are they really worth the investment to have children take pictures worse than your Motorola Razor (remember those)?

If you want to give your kiddos a camera, but have the same concerns I have, then this camera should bring some relief.


First, it’s a Nikon (a Nikon S33 to be more specific). A legit camera company. Second, it’s around $109 for the white one or $126 for the blue. A little pricey, but wait for number three. Third, this is a waterproof and shockproof camera. See the numbers on the lower right? It can go under water 33 feet and be dropped 5 feet and still work. Do you know any 5 foot preschoolers?

A camera graveyard no more.

The camera looks fun and – what I like the most – it’s a real camera. I’ve purchased these in the past. When showing to other teachers, I would drop the camera, take a picture, and showed the result – demonstrating that it still works.

Imagine taking pictures underwater at the water table? What about kids taking pictures during painting activities, without worry of getting paint on the camera? It’s waterproof. Just wipe it off. This opens up so many opportunities for documentation without the worry a broken device. I highly recommend!




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