Best Halloween Decoration: Baby Dolls

They’re creepy with their staring eyes and open toothless mouths. Too many movies has taught me not to turn my back. However, of all the preschool toys, it’s the baby dolls that could double-duty as legit Halloween decorations.

Seriously. I walked into a classroom and snapped a few shots. Added a black and white filter here. Then a little blur there. Done. Boo!!!!




Alright, the last two photos, maybe not so frightening. But that first one: yikes! It’s like the baby is reaching out for my phone.

Stay safe out there. Also, if you’re a parent, remember at night to eat only small portions of the children’s candy at a time. That way, they won’t notice any are missing šŸ˜‰ And please don’t send those videos to Jimmy Kimmel. That’s just way too messed up and the Internet will never let them forget.


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