Day Light Savings, But Not for Kids

Sunday morning, I’m still asleep. My clocks are reading differently from my phone. The phones updated earlier to the time change than the one’s on the wall. I snuggle in, enjoying an additional hour of warmth under the blankets.

Then my son wakes up, eager and beaming with sunshine. He’s ready for snack (a.k.a. breakfast) and Daniel Tiger. He asks nicely at first, but then means business when he yanks the blankets off.

“Snack Dada! Snack!” he says in his toddler voice. It sounds pleasant, but it’s also a morning alarm that I never know when will go off. After a few minutes of shivering, I get up.

My son get’s a bowl of animal crackers (this is the best I can do early on Sunday morning) and I turn on Netflix. I lay on the couch as the television blast bright light into the dark living room. I close my eyes, but Daniel Tiger and friends keep me from going into any kind of sleep. That and the sound of animal cracker munching and my son singing the cartoon songs.

With my back turned toward the television and the morning sun peaking through the windows, I’m wishing for the day that my son will enjoy and observe day light savings time. Enjoy that extra hour in bed. You’ll love it. Until then, I’m spending the next few days reliving the glory days of “regular time” from last week.


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