Winter Siesta

Winter break is finally upon us. The unofficial half-time of the school year. Time for some much needed hibernation. Pajama’s become your daily outfit. Time to catch up on those Netflix series.

The first few days of winter break is just about doing nothing. If you’re done holiday shopping, then you get to enjoy full rest of body and mind. If not, remember that Amazon Prime will deliver in two days.

For me, somewhere in the middle of winter break, it’s a time to think back about how the academic year has been going, what could change, and what I wanna do come January. This may seem kind of weird, spending your time off to think about what you’ll do when you return to the classroom. That’s just the mindset of the teacher.

I did the same thing toward the end of summer break. Not so much about the classroom, but what I wanted to accomplish with this blog. Up to this past summer, my posts had been – sporadic. Then silent.

I didn’t like the spread shot of little dots Word Press shows under stats. No consistency. Like little bursts of espresso followed by a caffeine crash. No likey. So, I gave myself a goal to accomplish by the end of this year.

More consistency

I challenged myself to post every Monday from August to Winter Break. At the beginning, posting was easy because of the initial motivation. Got a little over-zealous with posting Fridays as well. But then came the grind and posting weekly became a bit of work.

Please keep in mind. I’m not a writer. I just write. Just as I’m not an ace driver, artistic photographer, or thought-provoking artist, I just drive to work, snap photos, and occasionally design graphics.

Amongst a community of writers, I right-click for synonyms.

So, posting now for 23 straight weeks is very good for me. Quite proud of it. But now is the time for the streak to end. I’ve reached my goal. I’ll pick back up the baton in January.

Enjoy the winter break. Don’t forget when you’re suppose to return back to work. See everyone in 2017!


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