4 Year Anniversary


A Guy in Preschool turns 4 years old. I never thought the blog would be going this long. But, hey, it’s still here.

Although I’m proud of this blog, as far as the direction of my writing, I’m not sure where to go from here. Reason being, when I started this blog, I was teaching children. I was a preschool teacher, single, and living in San Francisco. Today, I’m a husband and father with two children, an office worker by day and college professor by night living in Pittsburgh.

The person who started writing this blog is no longer here. I mean, I’m still here. But, I’m no longer living in the context by which this blog was meant to showcase.

Therefore, the content and information on this blog is going to reflect my life changes. Although focused on early childhood, there will be a lot more information and guidance, with the occasional classroom story, fatherhood tale or daily experience. This will allow me to write about what I’m going through currently, rather than pulling tales from the past.

Additionally, I’ll be incorporating some new content by way of multimedia. I love photography and video, and I hope to incorporate more of those mediums into my writings.

Here we go 2017!


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