The Mad That You Feel…


Handling emotions is something you teach. Not something you learn about, hide, or keep inside. They are what make us human.

That doesn’t mean that outbursts of emotion are easy to handle. Children who exhibit strong emotions can affect everyone around that child. It’s hard not to get stressed or angry ourselves.

Mister Rogers, however, has a message for us…

“Almost everyone gets mad sometimes. That is just a part of being human, whether you are a grownup or a child.”

Fred Rogers on  Set

This is a quote from a very helpful handout from the producers of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Furthermore, the handout contains a lot of wonderful advice on how to support children during times they are mad.

There are¬†explanations on how…

  • Children learn self-control in everyday ways.
  • Everyday rules and routines help children develop controls.
  • Children get scared when they are so mad they get out of control.
  • When children use words, they are less likely to hit.
  • Children feel good when they are able to stop.
  • Children can express their feelings in ways that do not hurt.

You want a copy of this handout? Click below. Hope it helps!

The Mad that You Feel Pg. 1
The Mad that You Feel Pg. 2


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