Matching Green Shamrocks

hdr matching green shamrocks.png

March is upon us. Your classroom may be turning green. Dusting off all of those green clothes you have…like, the two pieces of clothes you have. You’re gonna get a copy of Green Eggs and Ham.

In addition, your switching out materials from the various learning areas. So, here’s a game that can support your green transition: Matching Green Shamrocks.

Matching Green Shamrocks.png

It’s a memory game matching clovers in different shades of green. There are six pairs in all. Download the matching green shamrocks file. Print it out. Cut it out. I would recommend laminating the cards. Or, paste the cards onto construction paper, then laminate. Any way, I highly recommend that you should laminate.

I’ll be printing this out for my son so he can practice is fledgling memory skills.

Download Matching Green Shamrocks.


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